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Mangodi - Moong dal Wadi

Mangodi - Moong dal Wadi

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Moong badi is made from moong dal coarse grounded and is popularly known as badiya in Rajasthan. Moong dal mangodi is very healthy, taste and, nutritious cooking ingredient and it's also easy to digest and is rich in protein. Mangodi is a variation of moong dal and can be had with roti rice.

It can be prepared with many green vegetables like aloo badi, matar badi, papad mangodi, palak mangodi, mangodi pulav, mangodi kadhi and many more. Mungodi fried or roasted with 2-3 drops of oil (Microwave) is a wonderful appetizer.

INGREDIENTS: Moong Dal flour (Coarse grounded) Chawla Pulse Edible Common Salt Asafetida (Hing) Red Chilli Powder Spices & Condiments

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