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An attempt towards preserving my roots and proud culture heritage

I being a 90's Marwari Kid, living my majority of life away from Marwar. During my time away, I realised that the problem with my generation is, we spent the majority of our life away from our roots. And we keep searching for a channel to connect back. We crave for those being our yummy Food or the Geet (stories) our elders use to read in our festivals like Teej. Or all the do and don't of our marriage rituals for which Marwari Weddings are so famous for. I accept with-time we need to develop and eliminate the evil twins of our past like Dowery & Child Marriage. Still, my submission has been we should work on preserving the good twin or core of our tradition and culture. To support my thought process, I have started this platform with little knowledge and experience I have. I welcome every one of you to join me,  conserve, explore and experience our rich heritage together.



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